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Doors of South Granville: Queen Elizabeth

A Photo Series by Helena McMurdo

The garden of this building is quite elaborate and if you can look past the bear statues and monkey trees, you might just spy the beauty of its side door on the Hemlock side of the building.  I was drawn to the incongruity of the splendid name and glasswork on the door itself and the slightly worn exterior and cracked paving. Whether this was named for the current Queen of Canada or for her mother, I'm not sure. I don't have a date on this building so if anyone can help in that regard, let me know. Whether it was named for her or not, this seems to be an appropriate door to feature on the day which Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning British monarch.

Name: Queen Elizabeth

Building Type: Three-Storey Walkup

Address: 1395 West 13th Avenue

Cross Street: Hemlock

Best Feature:  Inlaid glass door and gold letters.

Doors of South Granville: Recap

A Photo Series by Helena McMurdo

Here's a recap of what we've covered so far in my series about Doors of South Granville. You can click on the individual images to see the individual posts in case you missed them. 

Doors of South Granville: Leicester

A Photo Series by Helena McMurdo


In my research about this building, I found out that contrary to the way it may appear, it is not a rental building but a strata condo. I love the classic style. The mood of this is dark, taken last fall, when to my mind these buildings look their best.

Name: Leicester

Address: 1545 West 13th

Cross Street: Fir

Construction Date: 1924

Best features: Cozy archway, carriage lamps and romantically strewn leaves

Pronunciation Guide: Say it together people: "Lest-ah"

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Doors of South Granville: The Esther

A Photo Series by Helena McMurdo


The charming and perfectly tattered curtain is what first drew me to this door. I notice that the interior of the lobby of the building was repainted recently and at the same time, the curtain removed. Sad, because it's exactly what a building called Esther should be wearing.

Name: The Esther

Building Type: Three-Storey Walkup

Address: 2880 Fir Street

Cross Street: 13th Avenue

Best Feature:  Great letters, and that curtain


Doors of South Granville: Marion's Manor

A Photo Series by Helena McMurdo


This is by far one of my favourite addresses in the neighbourhood. In early summer when the roses start to bloom, the combination of English garden and classic architecture never fails to stop me in my tracks.

Address: 1476 West 14th Avenue

Cross Street: Granville

Best Features: The English Garden and pathway that draws you to this classic arched doorway


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Doors of South Granville: The Casandra

A Photo Series by Helena McMurdo


I've always loved this building and have friends and family who have lived here. The garden seems to be part of the door to me as it frames the whole thing. The shadows of the wrought iron balconies above give some indication of the rest of the architecture. I'm not sure if this building is on the heritage register or not, but it should be.

Name: The Casandra

Address: 1551 West 16th Avenue

Cross Street: Fir

Architecture: Tudor Revival

Best Features: Terracotta archway, brick and sawtooth decoration, classic lettering

Doors of South Granville: Queen Mary

A Photo Series by Helena McMurdo

Queen Mary_HelenaMcMurdo

This building is such a historical fixture in the neighbourhood. I like to think of the people who might have passed through the doors since it was constructed in the 30s. I like the sense of continuity it brings to our neighbourhood. 

Address: 1465 West 14th Avenue

Cross Street: Granville

Construction Date: Circa 1932

Best Features: Rosettes, Gold lettering and the truly wonderful: "Positively No Soliciting" (Take that Purolator)