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South Granville Timelapse Takeover

In case you missed it last week on the instagrams we had a fabulous instagram takeover courtesy of Vancouver filmmaker and photographer and fellow South Granville inhabiter, Nathan Garfinkel or as he is known on Instagram @unitednathan.

Nathan Garfinkel

We've known Nathan for a while as neighbours and have been admirers of his work. It's fair to say that we've been bugging him a while to collaborate with us. If you don't already follow us on instagram, we should really talk about why not, but for now please check us out and have a look at the 8 videos which truly capture our wonderful neighbourhood for the dynamic and vibrant place that it is.  

From the daytime controlled chaos of the traffic on South Granville's flagship corner, to a high speed night flight along our main thoroughfare, Nathan has captured a unique vision of our favourite neighbourhood. He even caught a couple of us inhabiters on camera.

Here are a just a few of our favourites. Click on the image to see the video on instagram. And don't forget to turn on the sound. Nathan's music choices hit the spot.


Follow us on instagram: @sginhabiter

Follow Nathan:  @unitednathan

South Granville: First Impressions - by Louisa Cohen - Part 1

After zigzagging my life between here and Toronto, the bulk of the last seven years spent in the latter… I have come back to what feels like a new city to set up more of a permanent resident status. Well, that is if the city allows it. Often people say - and I often being one of those people - that Vancouver isn’t the warmest city to move to. Climate wise - it crushes the Eastern cold, but even those face-breaking-ice-pummelling winters seem to breed an indoor social culture that Vancouver can sometimes seem to lack. Before you ask, I’ll tell you ‘why then?!’ did I move back. Two reasons; family and family business. The former of the two reasons is obvious; I have spent the better part of my 30 years living thousands of miles away from the people I love the most. The latter, was a job opportunity I couldn’t say no to, one that bodes deeper than health and dental benefits (which are still a great perk, I admit).

 Feet planted semi-firmly in South Granville.

Feet planted semi-firmly in South Granville.

SO, here I am - and I’ve planted myself (unlike my barren balcony) in the middle of the city - South Granville (Shaughnessy Mansions if you want to be picky about it). If you know me you might say its an odd choice coming from the Toronto likes of Queen West and Little Portugal, and at one time Main & 8th… but this time, it had a lot to do with my dog and a really nice kitchen. 

However odd the choice, its been a nice one… comfortable living, central, and aside from the lack of green grocers, a much more grown up choice that some of my former living spaces (under a bong shop, in a commercial space under ground with no windows… lets chalk it up to ‘I was going though something’).

Even in four months I feel I’ve been through a lot here… I ran my first 10K, and then came home to devour a bowlful of Meinhardt’s mac and cheese whilst soaking in my tub. I’ve battled pneumonia… twice. I’ve learned how to be a boss. I’ve floated along the SoGran strip holding hands and falling in love, or lust… or whatever still leads to a little bit of heartbreak… and I’ve experienced that too.

It’s a quieter life than the one I lived in Toronto, but I have to look at it with potential. So here I sit at my grown up granite counter, and take stock of my first quarter of a year living in SoGran… at least I like the area’s moniker.


Stay tuned for Part 2 next week


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