A Tuesday Miracle

Illustration of Shanghai Style Juicy Dumplings by Zenija Esmits

I can't tell you how many Tuesdays I'd find myself with an insatiable hunger for Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House (not to be confused with Lean Cuisine). The problem with this being, that Lin is closed Tuesdays. A neighbourhood joint with a reputation for deliciousness, Lin is my go-to choice for dumplings, won ton soup, hot pot and all the rest. Inevitably whether at home, work, or aimlessly wandering the streets of South Granville the non-specific Lin cravings would strike - and inevitably it would be stupid Tuesday.

Sadly I have more than one associate that can attest to my mild temper tantrums accompanied by frothing at the mouth upon realizing my need for ginger beef would not be sated. Not until Wednesday at least.

About a month ago, I was strolling down West Broadway with the clever friend that introduced me to Lin. We had just had a difficult afternoon of not doing much and were in desperate need of sustenance. We casually strolled by Lin and for once, being acutely aware of the day, I said "I'd suggest Lin, but it's Tuesday." As I said this I casually looked in and realized there were people happily lunching in the windows.

I probably flung myself into the glass like an idiotic pigeon flying into a sliding door, I definitely squealed in glee. We dashed inside in excitement and disbelief. A dream come true. Lin was now open 7 days a week.

My feeble prayers had been answered. However coincidently or miraculously, my Tuesday cravings have since gone - only to be replaced by general cravings. Below are some tips for the first-time visitor to Lin.


  • 90% of what I've ever ordered is delicious (except for the wildly popular Golden Honey Prawns, which taste familiarly like Chicken McNuggets with a dash of marina - not my favourite)
  • Must enjoy a no-nonsense, sometimes bordering on exasperated approach to serving.
  • Go to the bathroom before you arrive - there's a labyrinth leading to the toilets (there is no Minotaur)
  • Food best ingested in the restaurant (notice: ambience - newly renovated?)


Lin Chinese Cuisine
1537 W Broadway, Vancouver