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Where did the summer go….and whose feet are these? My feet were a royal mess and my nails looked like I’d been bathing in lye.
Somehow time got away on me, right about when things started to get busy socially at the end of summer.  Although I pride myself on my manicures and pedicures and have every imaginable product at home to produce such, I just got too busy.  I even lugged my polish and stuff back home to NB, thinking that I’d have time to do them there…..but no.   Then when I returned after my holiday and STILL had a week off, I didn’t “find the time”.   

 Sketch: Heather Phillips - Color:  Zenija Esmits

Sketch: Heather Phillips - Color: Zenija Esmits

It took an early fall dinner at a friend’s place to light a fire under my ass and in the space of an hour, I had “McGuyver’d” a semblance of pedi by hoisting one foot up at a time in the bathroom sink and hastily scrubbing each foot with my trusty HAND scrub,  then trimming my hooves.  I finished with a slathering of very expensive Chanel FACE cream (and yes, I rinse my hair in Perrier) and cuticle cream, then painted my toenails with one coat of a decent Chanel beige.  Phew.  Subterfuge at its best.  Although I’m sure no one was noticing my feet, I knew.  And so did a “higher authority”.

Enough is enough.  I finally made my way to a neighbourhood joint which recently made a transition to new ownership over the summer while I was away, from Pure Nail Bar to Adorn Nail and Spa.  I was eager to check it out.
I walked in on my day off and was able to get an appointment for a mani-pedi right away.  I was relieved to see that some things had not changed, mainly the wall mounted TVs playing endless loops of “Modern Family” re-runs, and a few of the same employees who I recognized.  So far so good...
I usually take my own nail polish with me rather than paw through the boxes of OPI (although I love the colours and longevity of OPI and some may argue that OPI has a better brush).  So I presented both my colours.  A Nude Chanel for my feet (very European) and the very trendy Chanel Rouge Noir for my mani.
I was in good hands.  While Kim tended to my feet, Olivia ministered to my abused and neglected nails.  I couldn’t help noticing the receptionist Day’s own lovely nails in the meantime.  They were a perfect and on trend cement shade.  She kindly wrote down the name for me which, for your information, is Svelte Suede by the brand CND.  Needless to say, I changed my mind and had my toes done in said shade.
After the restoration of my feet and the “Adorn-ing” of fresh polish, I left the salon feeling renewed in spirit also.  The name might be different, but some of the same friendly staff remain.  I even received a sample of rich foot cream from Kim, “Gehwol Med Salve for cracked skin”…..bless…..a gentle and kindly hint.  I took the liberty of letting her know that some of that line is now available just a block away at the new Spa Boutique Store (see Road Test - Spa Boutique Store).
What the heck took me so long….
PS – check their sign outside for deals.  My mani-pedi was $50 well spent.  And although walk-ins happen all the time, I’d recommend calling for an appointment in summer.

Adorn Nail & Spa
3061 Granville Street Vancouver BC
604 730 1178




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