In Their Habitat - Brent Boechler

Brent Boechler is an artist who has been a South Granville Inhabiter for 13 years.  We talked to him about his thoughts on the neighbourhood and what inspires him in his work.  Brent can usually be spotted having coffee at an outside table at any given establishment on Granville Street and may or may not be drawing something at the same time.  Another reason to look good as you walk down the street...

Image of Brent Boechler © Jessica Timmins Venturi. Coffee Cup Self Portrait and Image by Brent Boechler.

Neighbourhood:  South Granville

How long have you lived here:  13 yrs.

What is it about the neighbourhood that inspires you the most:  The lack of any “scene”.

Preferred method of transportation:  Preferred? Well then, I would prefer a 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

Favourite neighbourhood joint:  Heirloom for weekend brunch

Favourite place to shop in the neighbourhood:  Mac’s at Broadway and Hemlock

What do you do:  Painter - My gallery:

How long have you been doing that:  26 yrs.

How would you describe your art:  Moody and oblique

Favourite drink:  Glendronach 16 yr.

Where to get it:  You tell me

What are you currently reading:  Pretending to read this (upside down) newspaper.  “A Multitude of Sins”, by Richard Ford

Favourite item of clothing:  12 yr. old trashed Mavi army sweater

Favourite fragrance:  Last wore a fragrance in 1984.  God knows what…

Favourite place(s) to vacation:  N.W. New Mexico, New York, Maui

Biggest influencers:   Giorgio De Chirico, Gerhard Richter, my grandmother, Anna Vossen.

24 Hours with:   someone who walked on the moon, although Marion Cotillard would also be nice.

You can see Brent's work at Bau-Xi Gallery, 3045 Granville Street from Nov. 1-14th.  Meet the artist in the flesh between 6-8pm on Saturday, November 2nd.

Drink wine and eat cheese!  Spend your shoe money!

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