In Their Habitat - Shannon Miller

Shannon has inhabited the area in great style for about 8 years.  She entertains the troops of thirsty locals at Caffé Barney. We caught up with her in between changing casks and slingin’ brunch to ask her a few questions about why she loves it here and where SHE likes to hang out. 


Photo ©2013 Helena McMurdo 


Neighbourhood: I have lived in South Granville a couple of times. I moved to Main Street for a bit, but really do love South Granville's "feel".

How long have you lived here: In total about 8 years.

What is it about the neighborhood that inspires you the most: I enjoy the friendliness, the "everyone knows your name" feel (Small Town-sy). 

Preferred method of transportation:  I enjoy being able to walk everywhere. We are so close to downtown, Main Street, etc. My car barely moves.

Favorite neighbourhood joint: Caffé Barney of course is my favorite place!

Favorite place to shop in the neighbourhood: TNA, Spank and Shoppers. I have a weird love of buying way too many canned goods. (I am ready for the Apocalypse!)

What do you do: I am the General Manager of Caffé Barney.

How long have you been doing that: I have worked here for 15 years, been the GM for 5 1/2 years, was the Bar Manager before that. Now I manage it all (even you unruly customers, tee hee)!

Favorite drink: Extremely dirty gin martini, crisp gewürztraminer from the Okanagan and a cabernet in the winter.

Where to get it: Caffé Barney (THE spot to get all of the above!).

What are you currently reading: An "In Touch" magazine and the last novel from Maeve Binchy (Can't think of the name....sad, I know).

Favorite item of clothing: My Mavi Jeans, My "signature" Smoking Lily skirts.

Favorite fragrance:  I have worn White Musk from the Body Shop since Grade 9 which was many, many, moons ago. But occasionally I switch it up with Hot Couture by Givenchy.

Favorite place(s) to vacation: Maui, Cabo, Okanagan (wine country), San Francisco.

Biggest influencers: My friend Elana, who struggled with breast cancer for 5 years. Sadly, she lost the battle...but watching her through the fight - so positive and unbreakably strong all the way to the end, inspires me every day to be kind, thankful for what I have and to remember that when life gets me down, to fight back.

24 Hours with: Justin Timberlake (don't judge me!), Elana (friend above). Is it wrong that I know more about who I WOULDN'T want to spend 24 hours with??


Posted on November 15, 2013 and filed under In Their Habitat.