Up the Street & Down Memory Lane - Part 1

 Photo © 2013   Helena McMurdo

Photo © 2013  Helena McMurdo

In 1980 I lived in Kerrisdale. Being the tender age of four, I resided with my parents  in an adorable glass stucco house (which was recently torn down, only to be replaced by two mediocre detached houses, which were intended to blend into the neighborhood?). Man, I wish my parents had kept that house, we'd be rolling in it by now. Anyway, poor relocation decisions aside, at least my folks invested semi-wisely in something. That something was art. Which brings me (in a very round about way) to my first memories of South Granville.

During my youth I remember visiting the galleries between 4th and 15th. As well my mum took me to Hycroft medical building on a few occasions, as that was where my first pediatrician was located. But back to the art collection, I remember my folks perusing, pondering and ultimately purchasing various paintings, some of which I loathe, and some of which I love: but all of which they still have.

With the leasing upheaval that is currently an epidemic on South Granville, it's somewhat reassuring, that there remains a gallery presence. The lingerie stores may come and go, but with any luck the galleries will remain a constant.  (Stay tuned, for more on the local galleries and more importantly, the effect they had on me.)


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Posted on October 30, 2013 and filed under Neighborhood Observations.