Up the Street & Down Memory Lane - Part 3

 Photo © 2013   Helena McMurdo

Photo © 2013  Helena McMurdo

Cue: mediocre segue
Speaking of Arthur Erickson – Not only did he conduct business in fair SG but one of his semi hidden accomplishments can also be found here. I speak of none other than Suki’s salon, really a neighbourhood institution in it’s own right. Behind a narrow yet impressive expanse of window there is an enormous and airy space that seems to go on for days. About three years ago I was hauled not quite kicking and screaming into said space. My as yet to be boyfriend  was/is an Erickson admirer. Being an architect himself (at least that's the story he told me and a fact he won't let me forget), he wanted a closer look at this little piece of architectural history. For what seemed like hours, but was actually more like minutes, he pointed out interesting bits and not so interesting bits. After my lessons in glass, space and modernism I became aware that one of the best things about Suki’s was not the plethora of coifs that emerge from there daily, but that South Granville is lucky enough to have this shard of architecture in our midst. This particular Arthur Erickson building is just one of many architectural high points living on SG.

Next time we dash across the street and perch ourselves on one of those high points.

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