Up The Street & Down Memory Lane, Part 4

It was roughly 13 years ago that I became reacquainted with SG.  It began with my visiting a friend who had an apartment at the top of Hemlock and 15th. From his flat I could see across South Granville, across the bridge and beyond that: the city and mountains. I'd stare out the window for hours and decided if I were ever to move to Vancouver THIS is where I was going to live.

Connections are made here. Friendships are kindled and rekindled.  For over 30 years SG has been wooing me, so that one fine day in September of 2005 I'd find my way back.

When one of my best friends settled on 15th and Fir in 2004 it only made sense that a year later, fresh off a plane from London, I'd move into the building across the street - and there I stayed for 5 moderately blissful years. Until one day it came time to invest in the lunacy that is Vancouver’s real estate market. 

As most people know, apartments in Vancouver are small not to mention, notoriously overpriced. Naturally there are more desirable and thus more expensive areas. Which doesn't explain why Yaletown is so expensive. Gag. Anyway - I looked all over the city, Mount Pleasant, Gastown, Railtown, Chinatown, Kits (double gag) and South Granville.

 Photo copyright 2013  Helena McMurdo

Photo copyright 2013 Helena McMurdo

The first apartment I looked at was the neighborhood Modernist behemoth - Hycroft Towers. An architectural landmark in it’s own right and quite simply a superb building. The flat needed some work, but was great in that it wasn’t one of those miniature spaces being cobbled together everywhere else in the city. But (pensive sigh) it was the first place I looked. Had I known the same rules* that apply to shoe shopping apply to real estate I would have put an offer on it immediately. As it happened, I ended up looking at a selection of mediocre places peppered around the city until I threw up my hands and decided once and for all South Granville was the place for me. A bunch more viewings and 10 months after the idea had begun germinating, I had successfully moved half a block . . . . . ideally - in Hycroft Towers. 


* if they're 85% perfect, buy them - if you wait they'll be gone.


Posted on December 18, 2013 .