In Their Habitat: Derek Peakman

You KNOW this guy...we've all seen him, and we've all wondered who he is, what he does, and where he shops.  We cornered Derek while he was enjoying a quiet beer and gave it to him straight:  Inquiring minds want to know!  We also asked the number one burning question:

SGI:  Are you a musician?

DP:  This is the most asked question and I have to say I'm a frustrated musician only, but with the utmost respect for the profession!.....of course I KNEW some folks back in the day.....

Read on for the full interview with Derek, and remember - you heard it here first! 

Oh and PS - The chicks dig it!


My wife and I used to live in this neighbourhood many years ago between 1975 and 1983 before South Granville became chi chi! We loved it but thought we needed to spread our wings a little more in our living space. So in 1983 we sold our condo and bought a lovely house with a water view in West Vancouver and stayed there for 28 years. It was a very happy house filled with lots of natural light. 

It was also a great place to entertain and have parties.....of which there were many. However it was not the easiest home to upkeep and maintain. I am certainly not a “DIY Guy” to say the fact I'm bloody useless! My wife always changes the plugs or does minor plumbing to this day!

But I digress. In the years between 1975-83, we did love this neighbourhood; visiting Zaz's old Hungarian restaurant for goulash and good coffee, the old Normandy restaurant which became a sort of a long term institute on South Granville known for good reasonably priced food and was very popular, and of course “The Aristocrat” café located where Chapters is now.

I also remember during that time lining up outside the Stanley Cinema as it was then, to see a matinee performance of “The Exorcist”.  The line-up was 3 or 4 blocks around the corner! At the time it was the scariest movie I had ever seen. The scene in which Linda Blair's head does an 180 degree turn and spews green vomit from her mouth brought gasps and screams from the entire audience! How easily and innocently entertained we were in those days. I suppose that movie viewed now would seem very, very cheesy. 

So now we are back in the neighbourhood and after “downsizing”, moved here in November 2009.  We always knew that eventually we would come back, and have never regretted it.  Absolutely love it!!

How long have you lived here: 

4 years and counting.

What is it about the neighbourhood that inspires you the most:

The Lingerie stores. 

Preferred method of transportation:

Legs and or the bus, if I'm going downtown and alcohol might be involved.

Favourite neighbourhood joint:   

The bar at Caffé Barney where I can be found most days enjoying conversation with the friendly bar staff and other convivial, like-minded patrons, quaffing a beer. 

Favourite place to shop in the neighbourhood: 

It would have to be Chapters I suppose, since the merchants on South Granville don't seem to believe that men exist when it comes to buying clothes.

What do you do: 

Not much...but I do enjoy it!

How long have you been doing that: 

Since I semi-retired from being an actor in the film and television industry.

How would you describe your art: 

If I could describe 28 years in my profession as art…it was exhilarating, stimulating, humiliating, possibly undignified, and very shallow all at the same time.   

Favourite drink: 

A spicy Bloody Caesar. 

Where to get it:

In my apartment where I make ‘em and drink ‘em the way I like ‘em.

What are you currently reading: 

“Saints of the Shadow Bible” the new Rebus novel from Ian Rankin.  I think he is THE very best crime fiction writer ever. His characters always spring off the pages at you with extremely dry, witty humour.  

Favourite item of clothing: 


Favourite fragrance: 

Gianfranco Ferre for men.  

Favourite place(s) to vacation: 

Europe, Palm Desert and Vancouver...when we have a summer. 

Biggest influencers: 

My wife, Leonora. 

24 Hours with:  

Keith Richards.  I'm sure he still has a few real wicked tales to tell! 

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