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The Skin Whisperer
Facial. The very word conjures images of secret European getaways, potions, practical manhandling women in starched whites with stern expressions and vague accents. Frightening, yet titillating.  Sort of James Bond meets Charlie's Angels under cover (and yes, that is a real episode and I've seen it).

Not so at the brand new Spa Boutique Store at 14th and Granville. Upon first entering this lovely space, I was greeted by the staff and made to feel welcome. I had popped in a few times to check out the various spa lines, many of which I've used and loved in years past. If you love good quality face products then this is like that candy store on 4th Ave.  It's all there and it won't rot your teeth.


 Of course, I booked a facial to road test the service. Taking a look at the Service Menu, I asked which one would be good for me. I expressed an interest in anything anti-aging related with Glycolic type benefits.  

Saturday morning came early and I was still pretty tired as I arrived for my appointment at 10 am.

The facial services are performed in the back of the store, in a quiet and semi-private area away from other shoppers, to where I was escorted and comfortably seated in one of Spa Boutique Store's new state-of-the-art massage chairs. I felt the need to sheepishly explain my lackluster tired face to my esthetician Shirley;  I hadn't slept well the previous week, hormonal skin, blah blah blah. In an instant she calmed me down, tucked a blankie around me and turned on "the chair". 

Well. This chair had it all and practically sang me a lullaby at the same time. My legs, arms and back were enveloped with warmth and a gentle undulating massage cycle began to ease away my reservations about facials.

Shirley then started in with her recommendation for my treatment, the GM Collin AHA Peel  She explained each step of my facial, and the many benefits of the products she applied. Also, she welcomed any questions I had along the way. Her explanations were clear, educational and clearly demonstrated not only a professionalism but a passion for what she was doing. Oh, and her hands were very warm. I was already planning my next appointment with Shirley the Skin Whisperer.

There were four steps in the course of my facial, all outlined in a handy menu Prescription which was given to me at the end of my session, with each product checked off and itemized as it pertained to my skin needs (this is great for those of you who wish to purchase said products or remember for next time).  At the end, I had to be pried out of the massage chair, but more treats awaited as we moved toward the front of the store in a naturally lit area where the Jane Iredale makeup awaited...the final part of my facial experience. 



In Shirley's capable hands, I had an expert makeup touch up including a full run-down of the makeup line and all its benefits,  which complemented my skin needs and was the final touch to my Road Test experience.  I have read lots about Jane Iredale products and have been eager to try them.  Again, Shirley wrote down each product she used on my prescription for easy reference.  I must admit, I was like a kid in a candy store looking at the array of lip glosses!  The colour I chose was Sugar Plum and trust me, visions of that particular Sugar Plum will be dancing in my head come Christmas Eve....

The entire facial took about an hour, and yet it was relaxing and informative and never rushed.  My kind of experience.  I encourage you to visit and treat yourself to a blissful getaway - whatever your schedule throws at you, Shirley to deserve a break!

My facial was $65, including the mineral makeup touch up.  Make an appointment with yourself for this easy and pleasant indulgence!  The staff is warm, knowledgeable and able to answer all your questions about each and every product.  Uncover your best skin today!

Spa Boutique Store is located at 2997 Granville Street, Vancouver

Posted on November 9, 2013 and filed under Road Test.