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T’is the season - the season for parties, carousing and on Thursdays; art openings.

It was a couple of Thursday's ago when South Granville expat and artist; Jasmine Wallace had her opening at Leo Koo Gallery. For the purposes of this article this particular gallery is going to be considered South Granville. My argument being, if I can walk there in sub zero temperatures and survive, it counts as “the neighborhood”. Plus as I mentioned, the highly talented Miss Wallace lived in SG for a couple of blissful years….and lets face it, we love this kind of talent so we’re claiming it by virtue of proximity.

I've been fortunate enough to have seen Jasmine’s work in the more intimate surrounding of her living room,  as well have been privy to her artistic taping "process". As a result, I've been looking forward to this opening for quite some time.

 photograph courtesy of Leo Koo Gallery.

photograph courtesy of Leo Koo Gallery.

An accomplished and extraordinary ceramic artist, with successful shows in Nova Scotia and Minneapolis, Jasmine's sculptures reach a balance of delicacy and strength. There's been more than one occasion when I’ve visited The Wallace household and upon exiting have attempted a heist by way of throwing my coat over a piece, in hopes that she won’t catch me as I not so expertly try and make off with 40lbs of glazed clay.

With her sculpture generating emotion enough in me to want to steal it, I shouldn't be surprised that her paintings elicit the same reaction. Perhaps it was in fact sub zero temperature, but visions of ice flows danced in my head.

With a strength that could have sunk the titanic, Jasmine’s paintings like her ceramics once again strike a beautiful balance and are at the same time powerful yet serene. 

Remembering my BFA does not make me an art critic; I would describe Miss Wallace’s style as minimalist. The color palette is limited including the natural application of stained wood panels. Her use of a pale yet luminous yellow - reminiscent of the glow-in-the-dark stars that plastered every young astronomers bedroom ceiling, is highly thoughtful. With large monochromatic pieces primarily in tones of white or rich black, Jasmine uses texture built through her process, color and composition to create a feeling of cool stillness.

Jasamine Wallace's show will be up until January 5th. I highly suggest taking a wander down SG to have a peak.

Leo Koo Gallery

1639 West 3rd Ave


Posted on December 19, 2013 .