Why wait!? Avoid the rush! And other holiday favorites...

Well, if ever I needed an excuse to do more neighborhood shopping, now would be the time.  Armed with my shopping list for Naughty but Nice loved ones, I walked up and down Granville Street on the weekend with fresh eyes.

Determined to get as much done as possible, without spending an equal if not longer amount of time in lineups, I thought some quick recon tactics would be the first step. That way, I can breeze in and out of the stores and get what I've already sussed out, on another day. 

There are some pretty great sales already, and surprisingly it's not too crowded....yet.  I usually mark the "hectic factor" by how long the lineup is in Chapters.  

Which brings me to the first of notable stops. We all have friends and loved ones who read, why not check out the deals on e-readers?  As much as I love my hard copy books, these little gadgets are really handy, don't weigh as much, and can neatly fit in a clutch bag if you find yourself stranded under the mistletoe.  Or, if you are taking a break from shopping and are grabbing a quiet lunch somewhere in the hood. And as you have likely guessed by now, my shopping list is a cheap cover.  I'm shopping for myself.  

 JOY illustration by  Zenija Esmits

JOY illustration by Zenija Esmits

...which brings me to JJ & CO.  I bought a darling throw pillow with Liz Taylor's dreamy face on it!  For only $20!!  Come on!  

What's a shopping trip without stopping at my beloved DKNY?  Tons of stuff on sale here folks, AND one of the few shops in the neighborhood which features men's wear too.  Wallets, bags, watches, belts, fancy tights, etc.  Pick up something sexy for the endless rounds of parties and cocktails.  Heck, wear it, wrap it and re-gift it!! 

La Vie en Rose, that beacon of sexy unmentionables for naughty bits, is usually good for the "buy 3 pair" assorted deals, and they make great stocking stuffers!  Or get really wild and hang them on the tree!  Again, this shop also features men's underwear and sleep garb, not to mention some of the softest basic Tshirts too.  Who doesn't love their man in a grey T and jeans? 

Don't forget about the little extras either. The Body Shop has great deals this time of year.  If you carry one of their rewards cards you can save even more and with your points earned, you usually end up with at least something for free!  Pick up a manly cleanser, some sort of shaving thingy or shower gel for that hunk of yours!  Men enjoy smelling good too!

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about  Shoppers.  We ALL love it, especially last minute on Christmas Eve, but get in there now before stuff gets picked over.  If you have a Shoppers points card, use it.  Rack up points and redeem them where you can. You'll be surprised by the savings!  Here is where you can pick up fantastic top of the line pretty cosmetics for that special someone, many lines are featuring limited edition gift packs too.  Also, nail polish.  Nail polish is really enjoying it's moment now and there are some very chic shades to see you through the season... 

And finally, all this shopping is making me hungry. Don't forget Meinhardts for really unique seasonal cakes and cookies and other sweeties which are wrapped so lovely, they cry out to be under a tree!  Who doesn't love something which comes in a tin, and is covered in festive scenes of "Winter in Switzerland"?  

So, now that you've done your homework, put your feet up, pour yourself a glass (see: West Elm, Pottery Barn, Ming Wo, etc.) of port (see: Granville liquor store) and count down the days with your chocolate Holiday-themed advent calendar (check out Shoppers and Meinhardts).  And, if you still need more chocolate, swing by Purdy's - no judgement. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... 





Posted on December 4, 2013 .