Road Test Suki's Part 2: Colour Me Happy

I've been musing with the title "Straw Into Gold" for this, part two of the Suki's Saga.  I didn't mind my hair colour I was currently sporting but I knew it could be way better.  There was something too ashy and khaki-toned about it and it didn't show off my blonde DNA as well as it could.  So, as some of you dear readers remember from Part 1 of this Road Test feature, I had made an appointment with the technician Morgan at Suki's for the rest of my hair makeover.  Needless to say, I could not wait for the blessed day to arrive.

...and arrive it did, in a spectacular downpour of biblical proportions.  Really not conducive to arriving to the salon in style.  In fact, once I stepped into the hallowed place, I noticed that it was like being inside the "Enchanted Cottage" of movie fame (kids you might have to Google this), where everyone who worked there looked like a million bucks; flawlessly groomed with perfect long as they didn't step outside.....


Once I had changed and was instantly handed my coffee, Morgan was waiting for me.  Incidentally, her hair has been different each time I've seen her including on the Suki's website, and I really need to be on my toes to recognize her right off (#fabuloushair).    Note to self:  dig out my flat iron....

For this appointment we went upstairs to a naturally lit area where the colour magic takes place.  This is a cool area.  Although there are clients and it's busy with everyone in various stages of foils and shampooing, it still retains a calm and semi-private feel.  In short, you don't mind looking homely and letting complete strangers see you with your hair like a haystack and not much makeup.  No judgement here at Suki's, only infinite politeness and more coffee.

After a brief recap of my previous hair colour consult with her,  Morgan got down to the business of "bringing sexy back".  She and her assistant Jung ho started foiling my hair at a dizzying speed, all the while answering my questions about the procedure, chatting and laughing at my jokes.   I flipped through my magazines and even managed to get a few tweets off as they toiled above.  It's an amazing thing having your hair foiled.  Things take on a slightly hushed quality like being in your own bubble.  If I was reclining I might have fallen asleep...very Zen without the work of raking.

Foil Hands

I kept glancing at my watch, more out of idle curiosity than angst.  Things were happening very professionally and at a clipped pace, yet still the feeling that time had been suspended remained.  There was an ease and relaxed atmosphere at all times.  It seemed like it should have been much later in the day...

Once again, I was treated to a wonderful shampoo and this time, a toner/gloss treatment to help seal in the colour, complete with scalp and neck massage.  It really is the best part of the appointment!

Again, fascinating as this procedure is to me, I could have drifted off.  Jung ho kept reminding me gently to lift my chin up so she could shampoo me properly.  Gone are the days of harsh chemical smells and hours of dryer time.  I couldn't wait to see the results of the L'Oreal Professional Colour which Suki's uses!  Even better when Morgan would pop by now and then to check it's progress with a "looking beautiful!".

Once my hair was dried off, it was back to the chair for a comb out and a blow dry.  I could see the difference already and the effect was shine, shimmer and best of all, the blonde of my DNA as nature intended.  The glorious Hollywood version of me which is in my head.

My new and enhanced colour was a complete complement to and optimized by the excellent hair cut Candice had given me the week prior.  Just as the ladies of Suki's had assured me, they are an excellent match for services and rest assured, they are both on my speed dial.  Thank you ladies!!

Oh, and remember that fabulous Shu Uemura golden blonde conditioner I purchased the week before?  It's a great product to help intensify your blonde.  If you want to ease back on the gold after a while, simply stop using it for a bit and substitute an everyday conditioner.

The final endorsement?  The next day I was shopping with my husband.  As we waited by the counter to pay, the male clerk leaned toward me and said earnestly "You...have VERY nice hair...".

Well played Candice, Morgan and Suki's, well played.


Suki's is located at 3157 Granville Street, Vancouver.  To book an appointment call 604-738-7713.


 Image © 2014  Helena McMurdo

Image © 2014 Helena McMurdo

Posted on January 18, 2014 and filed under Road Test.