In Their Habitat: Terry Hayashi

Terry Hayashi is a new face to some us here in South Granville, but after meeting him, I guarantee it will seem like you've always known him.  As manager of the Stable House he's a busy man,  but always available for a friendly greeting and a chat, and he amiably agreed to our humble interview.  Although much of the atmosphere at the "Stable" comes from the shrewd and artful interior design, it mostly comes from the lovely folks who keep it humming.  Indeed, that cozy warmth that you feel when you walk in the door comes from the friendly staff, and from Terry himself.


SGI:  I noticed you left this blank....

TH:  Ok, ok....Kits.  But I have my passport and I had my shots....

How long have you lived here?

I lived in South Granville for five years when I first moved to Vancouver.  Loved it - lived within three blocks of all my friends.

What is it about the neighbourhood that inspires you the most?

Without a doubt, it is the sense of community.  I grew up in a very tight community and moving into this area made for a very smooth transition to Vancouver.

Preferred method of transportation?

My own two feet - not only gets me where I need to go but relaxes me at the same time.

Favourite neighbourhood joint?

I have spent some time in both Barney's and Ouisi's but the Stable House takes all my attention nowadays.

Favourite place to shop in the neighbourhood?

Chapters.  It is never a quick trip - I end up spending a couple of hours there.

What do you do?

I manage the Stable House Bistro and own a small wine agency.  So basically, I am a dishwasher, a busser, a cleaner, a delivery person, a server, a bartender, and a cook.

How long have you been doing that?

I jumped on board with the Stable House three weeks before the opening at the beginning of December.

Favourite drink?

I'm a moody person.  My drink will usually reflect that.  Wine, beer, glass of milk...I love it all!

Where to get it?

The Stable House, of course!

What are you currently reading?

"Under Heaven" by Canadian author Guy Gavriel Kay

Favourite item of clothing?

Sandals - because if I'm wearing them, it means it is hot.

Favourite fragrance?

"Play" by Givenchy

Favourite place(s) to vacation?

I never get two weeks off so my vacations consist of weekend getaways to Vegas to play some poker.

Biggest influencers?

Everyone I meet.  Biggest lessons in my life have often come from the most unlikely of sources.  Everyone has something to teach you - you just need to be willing to listen.

24 Hours with?

I'm a huge 49ers fan so I would have to say Joe Montana.






Posted on January 23, 2014 and filed under In Their Habitat.