The Best Laid Plans

Finally. I made it to the movies - specifically, the movies at 5th Ave Theatre. There's no arguing, this is our neighborhood cinema. Anyway - the last two times I've been, the films have been sold out (fury). It's not like I arrived 15 minutes to show time either. Shaking fist

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on you also. Third time’s a charm? Attempt number three: tickets were purchased mid-day for the evening showing of American Hustle (stupendous btw). After putting two and two together I had realized in order to enjoy a film locally I was going to have to be less fly by the seat of my pants about it. Planning may be in order.

Of course this casualness is why folks love Fifth Ave. It's smaller and more intimate than say the cinematic behemoth downtown; Scotia Bank Theatre. Although recently Fifth’s been almost as busy, at least proportionally.

What is going on?! Well, with my keen powers of deduction I pieced it together. My observations are as follows:

popcorn and DVDs.jpg
  • About a year ago there existed a semi-local “rival” theatre. The Ridge offered the same "boutique" movie-going experience. Those days are gone. Instead in something like 2 years, you'll be able to buy a condo underneath the nostalgic Ridge signage. Turn on the flat screen, throw in a DVD and turn on the air popper.

  • Secondly. Fifth Ave is no longer a Festival Theatre. It's now Cineplex. Crap. This means more mainstream shows, WAY more staff and as a result a heap more movie-goers. Plus, I don't think their popcorn has retained its legendary status.

Fifth Ave still retains some of its charm: Like the mosaic by the bathrooms, the post modern “city scape” encircling the foyer and my favorite - the scraps of newspaper tacked to a wall detailing hard nosed reviews of the current movie listings. Get there early enough and you can read ‘em all, alternatively you can read the measly Tribute magazine they now carry. 

Not so charming: There’s still an Australian voice used for the automated ticket machines outside. Hey, better than South African right? Anyone? Tumbleweed*

Bright side? Well, I can now use the free Ciniplex tickets that have been wilting in my wallet for over a year.