Zenija's Gift Picks for Him, Her, Them & It.

Everyone knows it, Christmas is one massive pain in the ass. Gifts, cheer and obligatory social gatherings. Wretched. Here's my way of helping you through the retail jungle of SG. Below are suggestions* that if worst case scenario, are accidentally re-gifted back to you it'll be pretty rad. 

1. Hilarity will ensue no matter what age. Whether it’s baby’s first “something under the bed is drooling” or a collector’s box set for the devoted fan – this will elicit smiles from the whole family.
Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set $60.00 at Chapters Indigo

2. We’re all attached to our mobile devices, some of us more than others. Help those friends that think they’re photographers, by giving them a fighting chance at a better selfie.
Tripod with remote shutter for iPhone $49.00 at Restoration Hardware 

3. It lasts forever (as long as it doesn’t fall in the tub) and as the name implies, smells like a dream. 
Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap $6.00 at West Elm Market

4. Super cool & uber slick geometric pouch by Issey Miyake. Hide it in your bag to house your cigarettes and lipstick, keep it at your desk as a slick compartment for misc supplies or take it out for a night on the town in place of a traditional clutch.
Baobao pouch $225.00 at Boboli

5. Can't help it, I'm surrounded by babies. This means you probably are too. Star printed suede mary-janes for that special little one. Painfully cute, and no need to bronze, just hang them on your Christmas tree when they’re outgrown.
Tocoto Vintage baby shoes $60.00 at Leuie


Happy shopping folks. South Granville is a miniature gold mine - except instead of gold there are things.

*Honorable mention: Pretty much anything at Country Furniture from cards to candles.

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