Louisa's Guy Gift Guide

As the lone singleton of the SGI blog I reserve the right to take artistic license with Vancouver men this holiday season; and though this artistic license only occurs in my brain – a girl can dream. And I do…. Which is probably the issue with finding a proper man in this town - but we can save that for another blog post.So as I meander the streets of South Granville – I have come up with my picture perfect gift guide for my future boyfriend: 

1. A cozy (and insanely beautiful) Missoni cardigan ($1,795.00) from Boboli is the kind of gift you give your man, allow him to wear for approximately six months – and then, you slowly make it yours (hopefully with his glorious cologne laced man-scent all over it). Truly though, the gift of a quality sweater is a beautiful thing. They hang around for years (often longer than the actual relationships) Really; it’s a win-win for whomever's box of stuff it ends up in. Were I actually buying this sweater for my man – I’d like to see him wear it with pair of crisp dark denim jeans, and some fresh Golden Goose sneakers, also available at Boboli.

2. My perfect beau also has exceptional hygiene… and therefore a classic Dopp Kit ($200.00), like this one from WANT Apothecary is essential. Inside I would love to see Marvis toothpaste (in jasmine-mint, of course), proper shaving tools, a handmade horn comb, and of course a love-note or two from moi. This is a great gift for a man on the go, a business traveller, or a fella who knows that his lady deserves more shelf space in the washroom than he does. 

3. Yes, I am going to say it – “Couples that play together – stay together” and I think that applies to fitness… You’ve been spinning your tushie off this year and its about time he joins you. Get him a 20 pack ($400.00) of classes at Cadence Cycling Studio… he’ll whine like a baby on the way there - but the music, group energy, and amazing instructors will have his ass back for more of those 45 minute workouts in no time. (Cadence also happens to be around the corner from Beaucoup Bakery… just saying, it’s convenient.) 

4. Since my man is successful in business, but also in braun – he’ s obviously outside chopping wood right now growing a nice thick scruff. I like a man that can grow a beard (are you guys starting to build a profile yet…maybe someone you know?!) Anyways, a manly man deserves some luxuriating as much as you deserve some soft cheeks to smooch… That’s why a 3 piece Shaving Set by Edwin Jagger ($150.00) is a perfect and most classic gift. Available at Atkinson’s. (Where we’ll be registering for our nuptials, of course).

5. And finally, I think it’s pretty sexy to treat your man to a good meal. An evening at VJ’s is always a classic and dining out is always a beautiful gift… you go, you enjoy the lamb popsicles, the chai, the cocktails, you pretend you are Gwyneth Paltrow when she was in Vancouver, you schmooze with Vikram and his eyeliner – all in a good night. Then go home with the man you love…

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