The Way We Were: Shaughnessy Mansions

You could be forgiven for not recognizing immediately our present-day urban neighbourhood when first glancing at this photo. Quite rural nest-ce pas? But this is how Granville Street looked in 1912. Do you recognize Shaughnessy Mansions (still standing today) in the background? It's distinctive brickwork is much the same. Hycroft Manor is in the far background and the mail coach would seem to be passing the future site of Hycroft Towers.

Where is Eburne you might ask? Well it WAS sort of where Sea Island is now. I have also found references to Terra Nova being in Richmond.  I don't have any conclusive proof that we are talking about the same place, but it would certainly seem to make sense. 

I love that the recognizable landmarks in this photo are still present in our neighbourhood. Next time you walk by Shaugnessy Mansions, spare a moment to remember that it was standing in the year that Titanic sank.

Update: A reader has kindly pointed out that the building I refer to as Hycroft Manor looks a lot like Glenbrae (currently known as Ronald McDonald House). I would agree based on the architecture style but the location doesn't seem right to me. I'm not sure that based on the camera angle that Glenbrae (located at 4116 Angus Drive) would be visible from this camera angle. I wonder if it was a similarly styled mansion that has since been torn down. What are your thoughts inhabiters?

Posted on March 6, 2014 and filed under The Way We Were.