Beer and Clothing in South Granville

Another day off in SG and I find myself enjoying a favorite pursuit; perusing fashion magazines, and enjoying a cold Heineken at Barney's while staring across the street at the window display at Misch.

  Chalk fashion illustrations by Heather Phillips.   Photo collaboration with Helena McMurdo.

Chalk fashion illustrations by Heather Phillips. Photo collaboration with Helena McMurdo.

Ahhh. Beer and clothing in South Granville. After flipping through glossy photos of the unattainable, quaffing my beer and trying to make out the latest confection in the window display, I usually snap.  Getting the bartender to "put this on ice, I'll be right back..." I run out the door and across the street to "try stuff on....I'll be right back...", or some such excuse.

If my long-suffering husband is with me, even better, because I can leave my purse and other crap with him. You see, part of my plan is that if I run over 15 minutes before they close and don't take my wallet, "I'll be safe from the temptation of buying anything."
This has happened more than once.

The first time was when Misch had just opened and I was starting a new job. Grabbing my hapless friend and shopping buddy from way back in the day, we ran across the street (after leaving our drinks in safe hands). Eagerly I took in the cool blond tones of the simple interior and the walls full of designer pieces. Walking softly around the light filled shop, I spotted a couple of my favorite items and tried them on. 

My friend nodded in rapt approval and that was all I needed. Hello layaway!  Besides, they were a reward to myself and I'd "wear them forever!" It's true. I still have the blouse...a sheer, cornflower blue silk tank, with a paisley design covered with gold dust, by 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent. The neckline is knitted gold. The effect, stunning (and a little bit Liz Taylor in her Cleopatra years).

The shrug was a soft cashmere by Autumn Cashmere. However, after a recent spring cleaning I had to let the shrug go. It was worn to a thread and was some sort of dinge cream colour. It broke my heart.

I once ran across the street without my wallet right before they closed to check out a sale. I found a purple Philip Lim pullover silk jersey-knit dress with goddess pleats, in a tulip shape with plunging neckline. Original price: $800+. Sale: $198. I went back to Barney's and my husband asked if I'd bought anything. ", but there was this dress..." I sketched it out on a business card.

The next day I came home to find a Misch bag on our bed with said dress inside. Husband had taken the card into the shop next day and showed them the sketch..."my wife was in here yesterday and tried this on...?" Of course they found it.

Christmas Eve at Barney's, two glasses of wine later and I was across the street again. This time the objects of my affection were two dresses; a black Vena Cava and a black and white Alexander Wang. Got 'em.

Enter the following year, same scenario. Long story short: three Helmut Lang dresses which now reside in my closet and are much beloved.

My latest window-obsession is a pair of leather sandals. Classic and very Parisian street-style, they will be mine.....after a fire orange pedicure of course.

Posted on March 29, 2014 .