Location, location, location

Or more specifically: proximity, proximity, proximity.

Walking. It does a body good. So does calcium apparently. But South Granville hasn't cornered the market on dairy*. It has however cornered the market on excellent neighborhoods. And by cornered I mean centered.

I never got a drivers license. Why? Because I don't care. As a result my preferred mode of transport is my feet. The bus is repellant at the best of times and is only used in rainy or rushed situations. Taxi is great for late nights and high heels. But on a day to day basis - hoofing it is where it's at. I don't exercise. Mainly because I find it loathsome and secondly because I find it boring. Walking is disguised exercise. There's a destination, thus a purpose. Not like a tread mill on the fast track to snoresville.

Back to SG and why its ideal for me and my sneakers. Our little corner of Vancouver is smack dab in the middle of everything. I use the word everything loosely. All I know is: I can easily walk to Kits for when I need to buy yoga mats, I can stroll to Main St when I need to see a beard or high waisted jeans,  I can walk waaaaay downtown and catch a glimpse of someone smoking crack on the "wrong side" of the bridge . Never mind all the bits in-between and beyond, like Granville Island, Cambie village and my favorite, the hospital.  A thirty minute circumference around South Granville proper can plop you in a different world. Having said that, why would anyone ever need or want to leave SG? I've gone weeks without leaving - and I have the bed sores to prove it.

* I will suggest buying your milk at shoppers drug mart. I still think the fridges are better there than at Meinhardts.