Freedom 45?

It's Spring. The time when a young(ish) woman's fancy turns to thoughts of . . . retirement. Well, not so much retirement as old age in general. Because I plan on living in South Granville forever and ever, should I consider putting my name on a list for a spot at one of SG's coveted retirement homes? Is it like preschool? Apparently parents these days start the admissions process at infancy. Does a similar rule apply to nursing homes? At almost middle age should I be thinking of my geriatric future?

 Me: dancing around the SGPL water feature in front of my future home. Photo ©2014  Helena McMurdo

Me: dancing around the SGPL water feature in front of my future home. Photo ©2014  Helena McMurdo

With a medium-sized billboard type mural depicting the tranquility and comfort of tea-cups, scones and shrubbery,  Chalmers Lodge on 12th certainly has its "charm" (no pun intended). However,  South Granville Park Lodge on 14th is my personal favourite.

The retirees seem to be entirely content when I've seen them loitering on the benches out front and the garden appears tidy and cared for. Embodying timeless mid-century architecture not to mention the gratuitous water feature at the entrance, SGPL would be the perfect transition from Hycroft Towers.

I mean I've already got the selection of moth-eaten cardigans and the pacemaker. I'm halfway there. May as well get in on the ground level. In fact, on the off chance I get in sooner rather than later, I have a hunch I'd have no trouble assimilating to retired life. 

Warm cups of milky tea and scrabble games all day, every day. Of course I'd have to get a lilac rinsed "permanent" and adopt a wardrobe of colorful crocheted shawls. With those things in place I could happily shuffle to the shops on Granville for all eternity, or age 75. Whichever comes first.

Full disclosure: When I told boyfriend this was going to be my next SGI post he said "Don't publish it until we actually get our names in. You always have good ideas before everyone else."

So heads up South Granville Park Lodge. You're about to get some new recruits. Is there hazing like in college? Should we bring our own beer-bong?