Blossoms Up

A delicate dusting of snow is threatening to blanket much of South Granville. Unlike the rest of the country this is not the traditional chilly type of snow. 

No. As demonstrated by Instagram, the first run of cherry blossoms began popping out a few weeks ago. It's so you couldn't swing a cat without hitting a #cherryblossoms tag. Heck anything is better than #gratitude. At least most photos of blossoms are gorgeous and only increase in gorgeousness as the weeks pass.

 Blossom on 11th. ©2014  Helena McMurdo

Blossom on 11th. ©2014 Helena McMurdo

There are scads of flowering cherry trees in SG, such as the ones magnificently lining 16th from Granville to Arbutus as well as the many others scattered strategically around the neighborhood.

As an inhabiter of South Granville, I think it's safe to assume we all have our favorites. Much loved is the legendary cherry blossom tree on the corner of Fir and 11th. It is the most billowy, pink, perfect specimen you ever did see. Situated where there seems to be a mild cross breeze, it periodically releases a blizzard of petals. These petals gently fall to the ground only to get mercilessly trampled by the throngs of people clambering to admire the enormous blushing canopy.

I personally enjoy the magical looking tree - also located on Fir St and just a couple of blocks south of the aforementioned show off. This more demure example shares similarities in terms of pinkness and mass, however the blossoms are much more delicate and the branches weep like a willow. This is one of the first trees to bloom and thus one of the first to submit. I'm pretty sure it houses all the fairies in South Granville, as well it's mossy roots are likely where the Easter Bun hides his eggs. 

Blossoms, bunnies and fairies. Spring most certainly sprung in SG. 

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