The Way We Were: 1926 Foodies Alive and Well

In our neighbourhood, there is a certain window that I often pass. I will admit that, more than once, I have stood outside and stared  at the amazing La Cornue Oven inside and wondered what delicacies I would create if I was the owner of this darling. 

Flash back to 1926. Were we so different? The photograph below was taken for Duker and Shaw Billboards. It's taken just South of 16th (at about Angus) looking towards South Granville. You can see the Douglas apartments at 12th and Granville in the distance. Unlike today, traffic is not too bad. The headline reads, "Cook electrically on a Moffat Electric Range". 

Taken for Duker and Shaw Billboards Ltd. South Granville, looking north from Angus Drive. Courtesy of Vancouver Archives.

Here's an example of the Moffat Electric range from around the same period. A thing of beauty.

Down at 4th and Granville, they are advertising some ingredients I'll no doubt need in my new kitchen. I'm sure that with this oven, and the baking powder and Worcestershire Sauce (bonus points for saying it properly) advertised below I could make something truly delightful!

Taken for Duker and Shaw Billboards Ltd. Modern Garage, Granville Street, between 4th and 5th. Courtesy of Vancouver Archives.