Cents and Sensibility

If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s forecasting a budget for myself.  Not.  That being said, I AM good at making a list and pretty much getting everything on it at one time or another.  I’m not kidding here, I actually go back to the lists and check things off and also write what and where and when it was purchased.

Too bad I can’t substitute the fashion list for life priorities, such as:

  • House
  • Yard
  • Trip to Europe before I’m 80
  • I’d be an award winning author by now.

So, I am always spending in my head and that way when I have my “playcheck” I know where it’s going.  After bills, of course.  I’m not that bad.

I usually get a few objects of desire “on my radar” so I can stew over them for a period of time.  I also enjoy “visiting” such items in their natural habitat (the store) so I can mull and touch and obsess over each to greater advantage and perhaps to find a “brother” or “sister” item so they won’t be lonely.

The real danger for me has always been the “in-between checks” period which is crucial to the point that I make note of it alongside my menstrual cycle calendar.  I know the signs of impending spending.  Dipping into my rent money is worthy of a 12-step program.

My last cent and what I spend it on is today’s lesson kids.

Lately there have been two items on my mind.  A pair of leather sandals at Misch and also a cool botanical print top by Maison Scotch at Zebra Club.  I have not tried either item on yet.  The sandals have to be tried on with a proper pedicure and I’m NOT going into Misch with my feet looking like hooves.  There might be judgement involved and it would be rightly deserved.

I haven’t tried the top on because I’m too lazy and usually going from A to B in a hurry so I only have time to pop in and hold the hanger up to myself to get my fix.  I also mention them endlessly to anyone who will listen, my husband bearing the brunt of my harping.  He is now an expert on “cost per wear”.

The timing of purchasing has also been off.  It’s not like they're expensive items, but more like I have had other financial priorities (RENT, FOOD, LAUNDRY TOKENS ad nauseam).

Which brings me to my twisted reasoning of delay.

I sometimes feel the need to justify a purchase not just by blabbing about it but to actually get mathematical and to help me along that rocky process I will pop into any one of the neighbourhood watering holes and do my thinking over an overpriced but lovely glass of wine.

Imagining the item in a variety of fashion scenarios, mentally making note of all the other things I have that it will go with and the places I’ll wear it…this is fun!  One glass of wine = $13.

Now, should I wait and see if I can buy this on my trip to (insert place that hasn’t even been booked yet as a holiday)?  Second glass of wine which is new on the menu = $16.

Actual price of each item is about $125 each (not including tax).

Is anyone keeping track of this? (see chart).

Wait, I’ll run over to Shoppers and pick up the latest magazine which will give me a visual.  Magazine = $5 plus.

And I’m back.  Sure I’ll have another wine!  = $14 (should I have just bought the bottle?)

Are you getting the picture?

Recently I offered to tag along with my husband who was going downtown to attend a soccer game with the guys.  He had planned to pop into one of his favourite stores on the way to check out a few things.  "I can take your shopping home for you when you're done so you don't have to cart it around with you at the game!"  I helpfully chirped.  The wheels were turning as I considered my ulterior motive:  to dash into the Fluevog store right around the corner and try on a pair of pumps I've been coveting which are finally on sale.  I mentioned this to Nick who had a better idea, natch:  "Why don't you take your money, put it in the bank so you can fly to Europe and buy a pair of shoes IN PARIS, instead of buying a pair of shoes called "Paris".  It just makes sense."

…and I'm spent.

Posted on May 4, 2014 .