Retro, Rococco or Restoration.

by Zenija Esmits

Taking a quick peruse through Pinterest you can't swing a cat without hitting a pink statement wall or strategically worn velvet couch. Decorating your home is equal in popularity to decorating yourself. But as with pinning the perfect wardrobe (a wardrobe we often can't afford, and secondly if we could we'd still stumble back to that one pair of jeans and pullover) pinning the ideal home is just as delusional-y aspirational - albeit a lot of fun.

So we continue to dream. Amongst the plethora of gold (and in some cases rose gold) fittings there are the inevitable kitchen pins sporting enormous faux beams, god awful beige granite countertops and wrought iron bar stools. To each his own I suppose. Those rose gold faucets are going to scream 2015 in 10 years when all of a sudden shell shaped sinks are back in style.

The great thing about current design trends is that really most anything goes. Whether people fixate on retro, rococco or suburban, retailers abound with whatever turns their door knob.

Over the last 10 years a few of these wily (and obviously brilliant) retailers have infiltrated South Granville. We've inadvertently become a hub for the design set. From the accessible (West Elm) to the plush (restoration hardware) and the minimalist (EQ3). A casual stroll through the neighborhood can easily culminate in a mid size cosmetic overhaul of your humble abode. Especially if you are a DIY-er and mosey below Broadway to Windsor Plywood*. 

We've got local designers to international Pinterest darlings represented in SG. Peter Cardew's design holds court in 18Karat and Kelly Wearstler is on display at Peridot. If gilding and geology are right up your alley you're in luck. Personally I'm all over this geology trend. My grandmother always (almost literally) had tonnes of rocks placed strategically on her shelves. Every room in the house had at least one interesting chunk of quartz nestled beside a stack of art books. If it wasn't quartz it was petrified wood, fools gold or jade. Maybe this was all the rage in the mid 70's when she outfitted her new BC Special entirely in danish modern, cow hides and geodes. All I know is today you can achieve this look in a 6 block length of South Granville. The joys of the modern age. It's true what they say: You can't go home again . . . wait. No.

What's Old is new again. 

*After 6 months of tripping over planks of teak on my office floor, Boyfriend has finally installed shelves on an actual wall. disclaimer: Don't let this happen to you. 

Posted on September 25, 2015 and filed under Neighborhood Observations.