It's Sunny in SG!

Lots of SG Inhabiting involves strolling the neighbourhood surveying the kingdom, running errands, dining out…generally just being out and about and being “seen”.

It also involves living where there is a pool or ingratiating yourself into one via gifts of booze.

  Sketch: Heather Phillips - Color:   Zenija Esmits

Sketch: Heather Phillips - Color: Zenija Esmits

Are you ready to bare your soles (and other parts)?  I’m talking about the anticipated clothing pare down.  Here is my list (in no particular order) of things to think about for summer in SG:

  • New swimsuit
  • New sunscreen
  • Self-tanner
  • Body lotions
  • Exfoliators
  • Razors
  • Wax
  • Sunglasses

For most of the year, we can get away with a cursory shave from the knees down and or arm pits.  Let’s face it, it’s Vancouver and even in winter we wear sleeveless tops and open toed shoes.  However now that it’s warming up it’s time to make sure we ease into bareness with the least stress.

When was the last time you exfoliated?  It’s not just for faces you know.  Start with the body scrub now, don’t forget your feet, and follow up with a great body lotion.  I like a two-in-one product which delivers moisture as well as a gradual natural looking self-tan.  Speaking of self-tanners, there are plenty of terrific brands out there so do your research and get one which suits your needs and price point.

Pick up a decent spectrum of sun screen and sun block.  You shouldn't be wearing anything less than a 30 block.  They are not all created equal and your stash from last year won't be as effective.  Time to buy more.  Don't forget your face and the delicate area around the eyes and lip balm, as well as whether you need it for everyday, sport, swimming, etc.  Apply, then reapply often if you are out and about!

Pedicures are a no brainer and should be kept up all year, even if it’s just a natural finish without polish.  It’s sandal time people and you want to try on and purchase so be prepared!  Again, don't forget this area when you are slathering on the sunscreen!

If waxing is your preferred method of depilation, check out Shoppers for do-it-yourself waxing kits.  Beware though, this takes some getting used to and is not for everyone.  I once tried the do-it-yourself waxing method years ago.  I purchased a lovely Lancome waxing kit and gave it a try.  Putting it on was easy and somewhat relaxing.  However, once it dried I totally lost my nerve and freaked out.  I ended up cutting the offending bits away with my manicure scissors.  3 hours of bathroom time that NO ONE gets back.

Or, book an appointment with any spa for an in-house service.  They’re the experts!

It’s time to dig out your Shopper’s card and hit the aisles with your list! Some of my favourite items at Shoppers  include:

  • Venus razors
  • Jergens Self Tanner
  • Essie nail colours
  • Clarins self tanners and sun protection products
  • Neutrogena sun care products
  • Ban de Soleil sun care products
  • Life Brand exfoliators
  • Dr. Scholl foot care products

Then, stroll the ‘hood with confidence for the rest of your shopping…don't forget your sunglasses!

Posted on May 22, 2014 .