Local Lettering

Followers of our Instagram feed may have noticed that the design-loving ladies of South Granville Inhabiter have a bit of a thing for typography. And South Granville has no shortage of fine examples.

And we are glad to know we are not the only ones. Local interaction designer Alanna Munro writes a wonderful blog called Local Lettering dedicated to the classic typography employed in many of the older walk-up apartments of our fabulous neighbourhood.

 From locallettering.com © 2014 Alanna Munro.

From locallettering.com © 2014 Alanna Munro.

Alanna started the project primarily to practice drawing letters. She also wanted to create a study/archive of apartment lettering in Vancouver, as some of the examples are, in typography terms, quite peculiar. 

As a resident of our neighbourhood, she has pulled many of the examples she has studied so far from our fair streets. "I've walked past many of them hundreds of times, but it wasn't until I started the project that I really began to see them," says Alanna.

"South Granville was a perfect place to start this project, there are many apartment buildings in the area and almost all of them have lettering on the door – the sheer quantity can keep a type-enthusiast busy for a long time. If I had to generalize the style of the neighbourhood it would be: Blackletter and scripts. Anything that makes it seem elegant and 100 years old."  

 Map of typography examples from www.locallettering.com. © 2014 Alanna Munro.

Map of typography examples from www.locallettering.com. © 2014 Alanna Munro.

Alanna plans to extend the project to other neighbourhoods of Vancouver and perhaps to more cities eventually. 

When discussing the type of local building The Regency, Alanna explains that the letters are saying "this is a very elegant place to live". We're inclined to agree.

Check out  Local Lettering here.

Posted on July 29, 2014 .