In Their Habitat: Madelyn (Fashion Edition)

It was a lovely weekend afternoon and my husband and I were enjoying a drink on the patio at one of the neighbourhood establishments, poring over our guide books for London and Rome.  As such is the way of neighbours, the lady at the table beside us upon seeing our books, commented on our upcoming trip.  "Madelyn has been to Rome!', she said of her young daughter sitting beside her.  We started to chat about trips....but the topic soon turned to fashion as I couldn't help noticing Madelyn's very chic ensemble, the main focus being her totally cool t-shirt with a cartoon drawing of a very fashionable little girl, and a very hip cross-body purse featuring a pattern of bold cutout flowers, not unlike the shower slip grip thingys my Mom used to have in our tub.  I would have worn the whole thing even though I'm about 100 years older than Madelyn.  The best thing of all?  "She picked it out herself!" said her mom (a child after my own heart as I used to do the same at her age).

I asked Madelyn if she would consent to being featured on our humble blog, and after I shared our website with her mom Kari Henshaw, they decided they would like to take part in an impromptu fashion shoot right then and there.

Madelyn who is 7 years old loves dance, music, and as was established above, loves to travel.   She was a complete natural during the photo session and we were able to capture the joy and spontaneous nature of fashion as can only be interpreted by those in the "know".

I was very impressed by this self-possessed little girl, with her shy but quick smile, her on trend side french braid holding her bangs back, and her choice of fuchsia flip flops with aqua heart-shaped details which brought out the colours in her purse and shirt...not to mention the whole fun-factor of the total look.  NOTE TO SELF, LADIES:  have an element of fun in your outfit and you will always be ageless!

Here is Madelyn, a South Granville Inhabiter (perhaps our youngest feature yet) who has been to Rome.  And although she looks like she could star in her own book, like a version of "Eloise" perhaps...she has never lived in a hotel (I asked).


 Photo by Heather Phillips

Photo by Heather Phillips

Posted on August 16, 2014 .