Happenings: Week of September 29th, 2014

We're known for our art here in South Granville and this week is no different. With some shows closing and a few new ones opening, it's an excellent week to immerse yourself in the art of our many galleries.

Petley Jones Gallery

There's still time to catch Duncan Reghr's Ancestor which is on at the Petley Jones Gallery until October 2nd. Ancestor consists of two series of works:

“Vestigial Presence” Figurative. Oil and mixed media paintings. Semi-abstract.

“The Bronze Helms” Six bronze sculptures, mounted on intricately carved columns of wood, each with an interactive, audio component.

 From Duncan Regehr's  Ancestor

From Duncan Regehr's Ancestor

Initial Gallery

You can catch the opening reception of Vancouver-based painter, Jonathan Syme's The Never Thriving of Jugglers on October 2nd from 6-8pm. Syme’s latest paintings incorporating Art-historical elements such as Modernist gestures and a pop-art inspired colour palette, clash and merge with contemporary digital visual references, image overlay and analog colour gradients. 

Bau-xi Gallery

Rounding out the week, Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to present Form and Feeling, a new series of paintings by Canadian artist Robert Marchessault.

The title of this latest exhibition comes from the 1959 book by Bertha Fanning Taylor, Form and Feeling in Painting.  The phrase “form and feeling” came to Marchessault as he was working on the largest piece in the exhibition, titled Varada. “The words seemed to encapsulate what I have been trying to accomplish for a number of years -  that is to use the form of a tree to convey emotions.”

The opening reception is Saturday, October 4th from 2-4pm.

 Middle Island, oil on panel by Robert Marchessault. Available at  Bau-Xi, Vancouver

Middle Island, oil on panel by Robert Marchessault. Available at Bau-Xi, Vancouver