A Universal debut - Marysa Taylor

Marysa Taylor performing at The Fairmont Pacific Rim
Photo: Stephanie Trimble


Meet South Granville inhabiter Marysa Taylor.

You know when you meet someone and they tell you they’re a (fill the blank) and then you taste their cooking, see their “art” or hear them sing and you think to yourself “ah . . . so you think you’re a chef/artist/singer.” It’s fine to continue telling yourself you’re a (fill in the blank), if you love what you’re doing, keep plugging away but just don’t quit your day job.

Marysa quit her day job. This was the right thing to do because this girl has serious talent pouring out of her. Despite having a musical family she was essentially self taught, beginning her climb to success when she was just out of pampers. After years (and years) of work and months in the studio, September 27th is the release of Marysa’s debut EP: Universe.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear Marysa sing several times over the two years I've known her. There’s something unique about her sound – something that surprises and pleases me every time I hear her. Each time is like the first time. Maybe most impressive is that her voice is equally exceptional live as well as recorded. This friends, is rare. I think we can all agree.

Universe is very easy listening and not in a Zamfir sort of way. Positioning herself to be accessible to a broad range of musical tastes,  Marysa describes her style as somewhere between Adele and Sarah Mclachlan. A fitting description as she hits both of these songstresses’ ranges exhibiting the strength of the former with the ethereal softness of the latter.

Upon hearing Universe for the first time I immediately agreed with Marysa's  Adele comparison. But in my highly under qualified opinion I would mix in a bit of nostalgia and downtempo by adding a dash of LuLu and just a pinch of Sia. Like Adele however, the sound that comes out of this platinum blonde chanteuse is unexpected. The more musically inclined have told me she has a beautiful octave range (they’ve told me this as I’m likely to simply say – she sounds pretty.) A wholly unique and powerful voice to be sure, Marysa's style could happily fall in the adult contemporary or pop categories. But who likes labels?

A gorgeous girl with pipes to match, Marysa Taylor’s Universe is nothing short of lovely.

Marysa Taylor
EP Release Party
VINCI'S Caffè & Gallery
Saturday, September 27th, 2014
8:00pm - 11:00pm

Posted on September 26, 2014 .