Two cents in Two sentences - The #10 Bus

Topic: The #10 Bus

ZE: "It smells like nicotine-soaked hair + salami and is inevitably late or early. I'm always the one getting up so an invalid or geriatric can sit down, even though there's an oblivious 19 year old & her skateboard draped across three assigned seats."

LC: “Its an expensive bus to wait for if it’s running late. The longer you stand at the #10 stop, the louder the call is to walk inside MISCH and just ‘look around’… as if."

HM: "I'm in favour of it. And If I can avoid being hit by one, so much the better."

HP: "I catch the No. 10 right across the street from work, so I always get a seat.  It's a quick commute home to SG, but what pisses me off are the ass-hats who stand in the doorways (even while seats are available) and refuse to move out of the way as you disembark."