The Un-Bride


I have the horrific task of planning a wedding. Worse still, I think it’s mine. I have purchased 2 magazines: One was dreadful, the other was Martha Stewart. I have attended a wedding show and got a migraine during the runway portion - an actual migraine. Also there were no ponies?

 spoiler: there are not 562+ fresh ideas.

spoiler: there are not 562+ fresh ideas.

So far I have come away with very little in terms of helpful hints - unless you include a budget for the cutting and wrapping of wedding cake. cough* Everything I read or see seems to emphasize the antithesis of anything I’d want in a party. Because lets face it, a wedding is just a glorified party. In fact if all you stress-filled brides-to-be just keep that in mind I bet your life will be A LOT easier. 

A wise friend succinctly put into words my general thought on the hoopla that is a wedding day: “How do you want people to feel on the day? They’re not going to remember the flowers.” 

This is entirely true. I can remember few flowers or material details from any wedding I’ve attended. The successful ones are about memories. Keep guests sufficiently fed and watered and your job is done.

Of course it’s not just me who’s organizing this thing. Boyfriend, who I suppose is to be my husband (if all goes well) is rather invested too. We have discussed very little. We have a few ideas and are exploring every option. But don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know.

Welcome to my journey in bridedom. Over the next several months I will share with you my trials, tribulations, tips and tears.