Two Cents in Two Sentences - What is the neighborhood missing?


ZE: "A Grocery store, like the one we used to have where Lucky Jeans (great replacement) is. Also maybe a Blockbuster Video - while we're on the subject of useless tenants."

LC: "A proper green grocer with FRESH produce at reasonable prices - none of this $3 avocado nonsense. I miss Koreatown, Toronto everyday around dinner time for this very reason… and a place for decent tacos wouldn’t hurt."

HM: "I’d love to see a really good soup and sandwich place, where you can sit down and relax. Wishfully thinking, I'd also like a proper butcher, with thick-cut, local bacon."

HP: "I would love to see a rustic, old-school Italian joint in the 'hood...I have my eye on that lovely space just vacated by the fabric shop which cries out for a secret balcony in the back with about 2 or 3 tables for 2."


OK over to you Inhabiters, give us your two cents on this subject.