Monday, Bloody Mud-Day....

Tails from the Dog-park... The musings of One Girl & Her Dog

Appendix 1.[1]

So we’re avoiding a white dog, and it’s getting awkward.

It started on a Monday. My head was in the clouds and Marshall’s was digging around in some dirt - foot-loose and leash-free… one thing led to another on 14th Ave., and another woman’s West Highland white terrier sent me tumbling…

I don’t recall if it was her leash that tripped me, or if it was her dog that rudely got under foot; I do remember the cold hard muddy smack on the paved sidewalk against my entire body… and the mud it left me scraping off my clothes. 

No, this was not the kind of laugh-it-off, stumble in the park…. But a full-fledged human torpedo, body parallel to the pavement, statue-take down style…. kind of bail. Tears began to roll, and the wave of embarrassment swelled - my aching body to quickly follow.  

It was a dreaded Monday, pre-8am, pre-coffee, and I was already humiliated and covered with mud… not to mention a bloody hand to boot.

This is all to say… Enjoy the rest of your weekend; Monday is just around the corner, and it won’t be as bad as this one was.


[1] These entries will be logged as ‘appendices’ – because these thoughts, much like the organ, though useless… they are still just – there. 

Posted on January 25, 2015 and filed under Tails From the Dogpark.