In Their Habitat - Jessica Blossom ClarK

Words by Ženija Esmits. Photography by Helena McMurdo

It was three years ago that Jessica Clark moved back to South Granville. Jessica is the owner/operator/brains and beauty behind Quince Fine Florals: A most delicious flower shop on MacKenzie St between West 34th and West 32nd. However, it was in South Granville where she and her now husband found the rare combination of a dog-friendly apartment rental.

This was not however her first stint in SG. Jess grew up on the West Side of Vancouver and over the years has called several of Vancouver's neighborhoods home. Her most fortuitous move (for the sake of the profile) was into her first Vancouver apartment a few blocks from where she resides now. The space was compact but afforded her a pretty view. 

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

From an inherited (and all too fitting) middle name to her first job, flowers have always been a significant part of Jessica (Blossom) Clark’s life. Her formative years were spent in Kerrisdale - high school, home and Hobbs. She began working in a local flower shop and did so until school ended and it was time to pursue her studies elsewhere. She headed to NYC to attend theatre school. An abundance in education often goes hand in hand with a lack of funds. Thanks to her experience in the floral industry she assisted an event planner, which not only helped make ends meet but continued to keep her hands dirty.

Years passed, fun and education was had. But with theatre school completed and a new skill set in florals and events – Jessica headed back to Vancouver to pursue her career in acting.

Back to Jess’s first apartment in Vancouver: She moved into the building on the SE corner of 12th and Hemlock. A little cramped perhaps, but central and bright and with a beautiful Quince tree right outside her window.

Settled in her new place, the auditions began . . . as did the stereotypical serving jobs. Not entirely up her alley (and rightfully so) She turned to her faithful friends; flowers. Finding space where she could she began creating arrangements for local weddings and events. Her clientele grew as her acting bug diminished and after a tricky few years it was clear to Jess what needed to happen. It was time to go back to New York. This time she enrolled in Interior Design school.

When 9/11 happened it triggered the need for many to not only leave New York but to get home to family and friends. Which is exactly what Jessica did. It was time again to move back to YVR and think about growing her business. But before that, an educational/inspirational trip to Europe was in order. Besides who knew when she’d get the chance to go for an extended vacation again? She took a few months to visit gardens and markets across the continent.

Armed to the teeth with talent and inspiration it began time to look for a location. South Granville reared its beautiful head by way of a little two level location on 14th. In the end however we were blessed with Peridot and Kerrsidale was blessed with Quince.

Jessica’s busiest day of the year is almost upon us. Valentines Day. The orders and last minute panicked purchases come in droves - so what does poor husband do for the queen of Quince? With flowers completely covered – it’s fortunate Jess has a favorite treat. And as luck and location would have it, it’s just a short dog walk down the road on SG. Daniels chocolates.

Jessica’s love affair with flowers began as an after school job and "blossomed" into a wildly successful business. Quince Fine Florals may reside in Kerrisdale but it's 'roots' are in SouthGranville thanks to a first apartment with an inspiring view. 

Posted on February 4, 2016 .