Granville & 12th

Notorious and disastrous, the corner of Granville and 12th is prone to accidents. 

The most recent destruction happened last month when a chunk of Douglas Lodge was dislodged after it was plowed into. Now the retailer in the base of the building requires some serious TLC.

 Although no laughing matter - the quantity of accidents is laughable. In fact if you're a longtime resident the multitude of accidents warranted clever wall art (and branding) by Baccis. For years a multi-colored bullseye has been painted on the Bacci's exterior wall on the North East corner of the intersection.

After repeat accidents culminating in damage to their building the idea was to make the wall a focal point. Even today the metal Bacci's 'Home' lettering remains twisted due to repeat traffic abuse. The bullseye too, is still there. A more subtle version embellished with vibrant florals was painted a couple of years ago. 

Our stretch of Granville is a favorite spot for speeding traffic going to and from downtown. People are in a rush to get in and out of the city and inevitably run red lights, can't stop or are just plain unaware. Most of the intersections between 16th and 6th see their fair share of action (see our most recent incident above) - but it's the intersection at 12th that sees the majority.

It's not Monaco folks. Leave your Formula 1 tendencies at race-tracks in Abbotsford and out of South Granville.


Posted on February 3, 2016 and filed under Neighborhood Observations.