Two cents in Two Sentences - American Thanksgiving, should we hop on that bandwagon?

Our Thanksgivings are a month+ apart, one is based around the harvest the other is based around the virtual obliteration of a culture, but it's a convenient time on the calendar in terms of a marker for acceptability of Christmas prep. So, as Canadians (because the US picked their date first) should we assimilate to their ways?

 illustration by  Zenija Esmits

illustration by Zenija Esmits

ZE: " I'd prefer it in November for the balance in my holiday calendar."

HM: “In general I would say no, although in the past I did celebrate a wonderful American Thanksgiving with some American South Granville Inhabiters and a turkey cooked by HP."

LC: "I guess if it means a Thanksgiving themed Simpson’s episode, I’m ‘bout-it ‘bout-it."

HP: “WHY is this even a question? It’s a chance to eat turkey and to have leftovers ­ besides, the whole holiday is originally American.”