TWO CENTS IN TWO SENTENCES: Who's Your favorite James Bond

He's clever, dashing and mildly abusive (in the books at least). He's James Bond and because Spectre opens tomorrow we've been talking about all things Connery and Craig. Here's an amusing review on the back of the Goldfinger novel to get you in the mood. 
"A friendly game of canasta that turns out thoroughly crooked. And a beautiful golden girl who ends up thoroughly dead" Oh Ian Fleming, the world thanks you.

Illustration by Zenija Esmits

ZE: "George Lazenby! Seriously though, I grew up with Roger Moore and have a soft spot for his  cheesiness - but Sean Connery is SO handsome and DC is so deliciously gritty."

HM: “Sean Connery. Obvi.”

LC: "Tom Cruise?! Jk…different franchise. I’m just gonna say Pierce Brosnan, totally bone-able in a 90s way… Though I love the me brooding of Daniel Craig, he’s so now.”

HP: “All the Bonds are pretty great, but I like Daniel Craig, maybe for the way he rocks a Tom Ford suit and a Heineken. As a whole, the fashion elements of these latest DC Bonds have really left me stirred.”