TWO CENTS IN TWO SENTENCES : Double the opinions double the fun - Christmas Eve Edition

As a Christmas present for EVERYONE - we've compiled two TWO CENTS topics to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It's the way he would've wanted it.

Tearing apart presents, decorating while absently drinking a gallon of eggnog with a quart of rum, the Holidays have their pluses. They also have their minuses - I think we've all seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - Estranged family comes out of the woodwork, your cat gets set on fire, your Christmas bonus ends up being jam and no matter how well you plan the year before, the xmas lights are a colossal mess. Yet, every year we take pleasure in these nuisances and niceties.

No matter what you celebrate, you get a day off tomorrow. So shut up and enjoy it. Happy Hols!


ZE: "Watching the Monkees Christmas Special and listening to Vince Guaraldi on repeat. Also indulging . . . in everything."

HM: ” Christmas Eve and that feeling of anticipation.”

LC:”That they inevitably end. This season gives me anxiety… commercialism on steroids, “spiced” lattes *barf*, scary jolly man intruder climbing down chimney, gluttonous behaviour… Ok, I am being a scrooge… I like being a Jew ; ) “our" Christmas dinners usually consist of Chinese Food and a movie. Happy Bday JC!!!”

HP: “It's a slow and anticipatory build up:  First we put up our lights, then the tree, then shopping for others (me), opening our stockings, and last but not least...Turkey dinner!” 

Illustration by Zenija Esmits


ZE: "Having to accommodate others. Christmas is a time for being selfish."

HM: “Traffic”

LC: “See above. But really… I get grossed out seeing all the Black Friday stuff. I am a consumer too - but I have real fear about being ‘consumed’ by it all."

HP: “Slow line-ups and running out of money are a nuisance.  Not getting enough turkey leftovers REALLY bum me out.”