Illustration by Zenija Esmits

There are things that spur on the festive feelings of The Holidays. Smells, sounds and tastes play a big part in setting the merry mood. Snow plays a large part in traditional depictions of Christmas - and growing up in Canada, no matter what tradition you celebrate, snow seems synonymous with The Hols. So . . . does snow make for a better Season?

ZE: "Always - which is weird because it only snows (like R E A L L Y snows) every 7 years here. Thanks Christmas propaganda."

HM: “Yes. Infinitely.”

LC: “Only when you get to watch it fall from the inside, when you don’t have to goto work and you can play inside with PJ’s on all day… “

HP: “Yes.  A few days of the quiet hush of Currier & Ives snowfall and squeaky crunch under foot kind of makes the holidays - shovelling not included in this fantasy ideal.”