illustration by Zenija Esmits

Whether you're putting cookies and bourbon out for Father Christmas, airing grievances or making persimmon pudding - every family has its traditions. These are ours.

ZE: "High on the list is Pīrāgi. But my main tradition is to virtually ignore the 25th and only celebrate that if forced to - Christmas Eve is where it's at."

HM: ” We light our Christmas pudding on fire, which I thought everyone did but I found out recently it’s more of a British thing.”

LC: “We celebrate Channuka and always manage to play a round of “Mystery Moses” with the family. We cap spending at $40 which forces some serious creativity… Last year my brother had me, and gifted me a taxidermy duck. Her name is Mallory and she lives in my den.”

HP: ” When I was a kid we had the turkey in the oven at the crack of dawn so we could eat "dinner" at twelve noon-ish which was followed by digesting, a walk, then home to plum pudding.  These days it's a morning mimosa, stockings, then repeat at the in-laws.”


Posted on December 17, 2015 and filed under 2 cents in 2 sentences.