In Their Habitat: Jessy Kimpinski

Words by Louisa Cohen

Photography by Helena McMurdo

Sunday has always been a day that creates some internal ambivalence… it’s the end of the weekend, and the “Sunday night scaries” as I like to call them creep up as the workweek is just around the corner; however, I have a newfound love with Sunday mornings…and that is because I take a spin class with Jessy Kimpinski a.k.a. The Sweat Project at Cadence Cycling Studio (6th & Fir).  

In fact, any day that I take one of Jessy’s spin classes becomes a good day. Yes, it’s all of those endorphins popping off – but I am sure it also has everything to-do with this lovely lady’s infectious positive energy; the corners of my mouth can’t help but turn upwards. Her sense of humour and wicked taste in music always make this 45-minute sweat much more than just a workout on a bike, this class is now my ritual.

It’s so refreshing to meet Jessy, who works in the fitness world but also just seems like a real person, her easy going cool-girl attitude makes working out approachable (but still challenging, trust me!) and yes, I have seen Jessy enjoying pastries next-door at Beaucoup just like the rest of us humans… Without further ado – a little more on the lovely and fit Jessy Kimpinski. 

  Helena McMurdo Photography . All rights reserved.

Helena McMurdo Photography. All rights reserved.


Kits!! And I frigging love it :)

How long have you lived here?

I moved to Vancouver in August 2013, after spending a year living in Manly Beach, Australia. I'm originally from Kitchener, ON but always new I would live somewhere on the coast and somewhere that fitness and being active is just away of life!  

What is it about the neighbourhood that inspires you the most?

The Kits and South Granville community inspires me in so many ways. I am always amazed how many people I see out on the seawall running, or walking with their yoga mat to head to a class, outdoor bootcamps, volleyball on the beach, the list is endless. Fitness and health is just a way of life here and I am inspired and motivated by people's dedication to their best life, every single day! 

Preferred method of transportation?

Love hitting the pavement in my Nike frees! You will find me walking or jogging everywhere. 

Favourite neighbourhood joint?

I would definitely say Beaucoup. I am obsessed with their pastries and need my daily americano

Favourite place to shop in the neighbourhood?

I love my Sunday produce shop at Young Bros Produce.

What do you do?

Everyday I get to hang out with the coolest, and most inspiring people and make them SWEAT! I teach group spin, TRX, kettlebell, circuit and outdoor bootcamps and also do some personal training in the South Granville 'hood.

How long have you been doing that?

Let's just say when I started teaching classes I was playing my music with a cassette tape. Taught my first aerobic class in 1999 and have been in the health and fitness industry ever since!

How would you describe your approach to fitness?

Fun, high energy, and challenging.

Every time I have taken one of your spin classes – you seem to have a permanent smile from ear-to-ear… can you explain how that is possible?

I am genuinely having a blast on the instructor bike, can't even help but smile.  Its just like a big sweaty party with 30 hard working, inspiring friends!  

Favourite drink?

A cold Kronenbourg Blanc, with an orange slice 

Where to get it?

I love the Wicklow patio on a hot summer day! 

What are you currently reading?

Just finishing the novel Gone Girl.

Also reading a book called Better Movement.

Favourite item of clothing?

I love me a good pair of black stretchy pants to have a good workout in:) I would have to say the new run inspire tights from Lululemon are my current favourite item of clothing!

When I'm not working, you will find me rocking boyfriend jeans with my favourite John Fluevog boots, a grey hoodie and a beanie!

Favourite fragrance?

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Favourite place(s) to vacation?

My favorite place I have ever been is Manly Beach, Australia. The weather, the surf, the people, the yoga and the coffee! Just the best! Planning a trip there this year and can't wait. 

Biggest influencers?

My biggest influencer is my Nanny! She's such a strong, kind, generous soul and has taught me what it is to be a strong and independent woman.  

24 Hours with?

Ellen Degeneres! I love laughing and she frigging cracks me up!!