In Their Habitat: Brennen Murray

(hum Broadway-style tune here)...You've come a long way....from Burlesque to Beans!....Hmmm Hummmm  (jazz hands).  Yup, that's right, I said "Burlesque".  It's amazing what people will tell you about themselves over a coffee!  Meet Brennen Murray, new to the SG scene but an old hand at coffee and making folks feel comfy as they drink their favourite elixir! As for the burlesque part?  It's a steaming show at the Bump 'N Grind but the shorts stay on....


Vancouver.  I lived here for three years until about a year ago.  I returned to Vancouver in October and have been floating since then, waiting for my own place to materialize.

How long have you lived here? 

I’ve lived in Vancouver for six years now.  I come from the interior originally, from a small town called Savona, then by way of Kamloops for university. 

What is it about the neighbourhood that inspires you the most? 

The future…that, and our favourite opera singer. 

Preferred method of transportation?

Bicycle – everywhere.

Favourite neighbourhood joint? 

Dose Espresso Bar on Broadway. Tony and Vivian kill it! 

Favourite place to shop in the neighbourhood? 

La Vie en Rose.  It just fits.

What do you do?

I help run the Bump’ N Grind cafe, both the Commercial and South Granville locations. 

How long have you been doing that? 

3 years.

How would you describe your “art”?

My coffee is precise.  My writing is anything but.

Favourite drink? 

Whiskey, neat.

Where to get it?

From the bottle.

What are you currently reading?

“Howl”,  by Allen Ginsberg. 

Favourite item of clothing? 


Favourite fragrance? 

Fresh lavender.  Luckily there is a lot of it growing in planters in and around the South Granville area.

Favourite place(s) to vacation? 

Heaven and Hell.

Biggest influencers?  

Kyle Straw, Steve Burgess and a plethora of other coffee snobs. 

24 Hours with? 

Margaret Atwood.  Lucky for me, I named my cat after her so it's an accessible dream.