Two Cents in Two Sentences: Crying at Work


ZE: "I've done this A LOT and I hate myself for it. I think bursting into a puddle of tears implies guilt or shame when more often than not it's surprise or blinding anger. "

LC: "Being the uber professional that I am, I'll admit I've done it many times - full on wailing. You just gotta lock that door, turn on the faucet - let those tears flow... "

HM: "Try not to do it, unless your work is as an actor, in which case, visualize your Oscar and go for it. If you're a witness to crying at work, be compassionate and then never mention it again."

HP: "Sometimes there's no other option than to cry over a work situation, and besides, it's a great release of bad stress hormones.  Get to a bathroom first though because you want to keep both your makeup AND your dignity in one piece."

How about you inhabiters? What's your two cents? Tell us in the comments below.

Posted on February 5, 2015 .