The Tree-Named Streets

Tails from the Dog-park... The musings of One Girl & Her Dog

Appendix 2.[1]

Have you ever held an umbrella, your dog leash (attached to an actual live dog), ‘tinder-ed’ (verb?), drank coffee, and listened to a podcast all at once, while making your way around the city? I have.

Walking my dog has become an exercise in juggling… my time, my hobbies, literally my belongings - but also, my thoughts. I remember the days when taking the dog out was so close to a Zen feeling, a wide open and nourishing refresh. Don’t get me wrong – it is still one of my greatest joys.

I love walking around our ‘hood no matter how much I have in my hands, or what is running through my mind… but my newest challenge is what is also in my heart when I cross the tree-named streets. Fir, Spruce, Cypress, Willow… (I love these streets and that they reflect our green city so well) Well, they also mirror my love life… I won’t tell you which ones, but after a year of dating in this city they have come to stand for the men I’ve been attached to.

The lovely men that have come into my life, subsequently left, and having mostly lived along these beautiful tree-named streets. Amid all the juggling and hectic day-to-day, sometimes, Marshall and I and visit the memory on a walk. My heart flutters a little bit, and I quietly go down a familiar sidewalk – even only for a short distance, and for those few minutes I ‘feel all the feels’, and then – we just keep on walking.

Which brings me to my final parting thought of this dog walk… just because we’re constantly trying to hold on to a lot of things in life… our wallets, umbrellas, dog leashes, morning coffees… it doesn’t mean letting go all at once.

[1] These entries will be logged as ‘appendices’ – because these thoughts, much like the organ, though useless… they are still just – there. 


Posted on February 9, 2015 and filed under Tails From the Dogpark.