See More Seymour.

Anyone having difficulty finding a GP? I know I am. Groan* Not that my current family practitioner is terrible, I’m just sort of disenchanted with her. I’m more disenchanted however, with the array of doctors (read quacks) at the Granville Medical Clinic. Located in the upper level of the dank strip mall that houses a currency exchange, a cannabis dispensary, the neighborhood cobbler and a bizarre slapped together patch of dirt featuring scraps of trellis, the Medical Clinic is somewhere between ghastly and tolerable.

In a pinch I use the aforementioned clinic, because it’s close and I’m lazy. Also I find if I pay my GP more than one visit a year, she’s likely to unceremoniously usher me through a 10 minute session, as doctors are prone to do apparently.

But the hopeless state of the BC medical system isn’t what I’m writing about. What I am writing about is the fact that as indifferent as I am with my current doc, visiting the Seymour Health Center is my favorite. Oh. Em. Gee. It’s a modernist dream. With interior atriums dividing the six stations, it’s borderline brutalist with a nice smattering of west coast airiness. It's quite Erikson-esqe with its heavy concrete skeleton juxtaposed with the interior glass that brings the outside in. Simply entering the building is consistently the best part of my doctor visit whether I'm there for pleurisy, plague or pink-eye. I love the dated blocky furniture that's a greyish, brownish muddy something or other and I happily sit where hundreds have sat, sniffed and snotted before me. I thumb through torn and stained issues of Flare and Cross Stitch Quarterly and generally end up contracting more ailments than I came in with, but I love it just the same.

The bad news: there is zero information on 1530 West 7th Ave - nothing about its architect or anything. I've scoured the internets and I've tapped my other resources, the most promising of which came back with zilch. The history of Seymour Health Centre is a mystery. So this post is now a plea for anyone who knows even a little bit about this building. It has inadvertently become one of my SG architectural faves.