Two Cents in Two Sentences: Cannabis Dispensaries

Sorry readers, we were off sick last week . . . and speaking of prescriptions: These are our thoughts on Cannabis Dispensaries. 

ZE: "They're popping up in SG like weeds. I'll see your Starbucks and I'll raise you a Cannabis Dispensary. Cough*"

LC: "When I moved into the area hoping for a green-grocer to pop up on the strip. This was not what I had in mind."

HM: Do you mean those shops with the green and white signs popping up on every corner aren't coffee shops? Oh yeah right, you have to have a business license to operate a coffee shop.

HP: "I got nuthin’ so I’ll speak on behalf of my parents.  Weed dispensaries are a scourge upon the neighbourhood and I say we should set up a Salvation Army band in front of these joints to “weed” them out."


Posted on March 5, 2015 and filed under 2 cents in 2 sentences.