The Break-Up Building?


It's Spring - a time when young couples fancy turns to thoughts of moving in together. Well don't.

It has been drawn to my attention that everyones favorite building on 16th is cursed. Okay so not really cursed in the traditional sense, really it's more rumoured to be bad luck. Specifically bad luck for couples. From what I hear there have been many otherwise blissfully happy twosomes, that have moved in and never moved out . . . . together that is.  

Rumor has it, it's a break-up building. With my ear to the street, gathering gossip from here and there, it seems friends of friends and their friends or sisters, their sister's cousins and so on have been in relationships that end when they make the move to 1591 West 16th Avenue.

Possibly the prettiest building on South Granville, Willingdon Lodge looks like a little piece of coronation Jasperware sitting at the top of Fir Street. An aspirational living choice to be sure. Many of us can only dream of calling this robin's egg blue confection, home. Loads of people have lived there, rockstars have consorted there (so I'm told) and it seems a whack of people have broken up there. Naturally there will be no naming of names, but from what I've deduced 3 out of 5 couples* break up after moving in. It's a testament to the architecture ( Spanish-Colonial Revival to be specific) of the building - with slamming doors, stomping feet, yelling matches and hurling of vases, the apartments are maintained to a lovely standard and everything appears to be structurally sound. 

What a fascinating bit of South Granville trivia? We have our own neighbourhood urban legend. Do you have a Willingdon Lodge story? Let us know - South Granville Inhabiter's collecting stats. 

* this statistic is 60% made up. 

Posted on April 12, 2015 .