The Un-Bride

 Filler flowers - embraced by 18 year old brides the world over.

Filler flowers - embraced by 18 year old brides the world over.


The romance continues. One word: spreadsheet. 

This meticulously crafted document (not meticulously crafted by me - hashtag obvi) is where boyfriend & I (mainly boyfriend) have filled little color coded boxes with ideas and figures. Figures pertaining to a strict budget and ideas pertaining to venue, beverages and crap that attendees expect you to have. If you people think you're coming away with a party favor you're out of your ever loving minds.  

The spread sheet has three scenarios laid out. Which means we've mapped out three fictional (as of yet) weddings. There will be a winner because I've put my foot down and we're just doing this once. With each other that is. Every couple of weeks we nail down a night to discuss the dreaded event. Post engagement month one was scenario 1. Month two we discussed scenario 2, you can imagine what happened in month three. We're now on month four. Presumably some decision will have to be made. Two scenarios have edged out ahead. 

The past three months have been very helpful, (emphasis on the full) with friends and strangers offering unsolicited advice and suggestions. Suggestions we had in mind before the engagement was a glint in the milkman's eye and advice that falls on indifferent ears. Surprisingly the folks on both sides have left us almost entirely to our own devices. Sure, being an only child my mother definitely has input. However being a 40 yr old bride means there's a LOT less meddling. It's not like I got knocked up out of high school, had to marry the jackass and have the families pay for the carnations and baby's breath. There's no family money so there's no family input. 

Yes my late arrival to bridedom was exceedingly well planned. The spread sheet will still undoubtably be receiving some revisions, some totals and some amendments. Who knows we may have a decision by the time the leaves change.